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In 2010 we asked  a question right before HHAW  to find out the community response... We posted -  "What I Hate About Hip Hop!"

Curry Jackson May 6 at 2:05am

Bigg Pezz May 5 at 8:20pm
'I' hate the fact they let trash in and filter out good music. Bless up Brother, GODspeed!!!

Adrian Yodsritong May 5 at 7:00pm
modern radio "rap" not hip hop... i swear every song these days has to a have a bunch of dudes goin "aaaaaaaaaaaaaay" in it, shit

KitCat-one Young May 5 at 6:12pm
I hate the fake-undaground haterz. *aaaaaaaargh* I hate bad attitude mofo's who think they're Hip Hop, but don't embody anything other than an image of what they believe an undaground stereotype is, then think they can caste down judgement from 'on high' to other Hiphoppas about whether they're really 'Bboy/Bgirl' or not. I'm like "Dude, I don't give a rats ass how many air flare you nailed, find a gymnastics club and get all superior on them cos you ain't even got half an understanding of the history or true culture you claim to represent or the meaning of the moves you do". Phew. Thank you Kurt. I do feel better. But please don't hate me, I'm working on these issues lol!!x

Jay HeartnSoul Maddox May 5 at 6:03pm
I hate the fact that there is no education or Histroy being taught to the young generation of Hip-Hop.. Mainstream has distorted Hip-Hop so abruptly that no one in todays society gives a damn about the MC's that came before them.. Mixtape industry is TRash Radiio is Trash BET is Certainly toilet.. I just wish that there was more diversity in Hip-Hop than it was back in the day..

Frederico Davis May 5 at 3:40pm 
The Lack of Balance

JMysterious Holloway May 5 at 3:07pm
Some of the artists material.

Mikele Bridgeforth May 5 at 1:08pm
Civilans that call them selfs DJ's and they work off of IPODS... Never touched a record in their life... Whack MC's I can deal with they only make me appreciate the great ones... Rest In Peace GURU and ROCK RAIDA

EXekreye EXisting Cyberly May 5 at 12:04pm 

i thought i would respond to this without**

* false adoration of wealth..never got us anywhere
*a split sense of unity- we all that same
* sexism, racism and homophobia-love evryone as is and if they don't love themselves teach em how
*destroy corporate ownership of artist- support the underground
*anyone think they on top of the game- they be not-----lol

individuality amongst collectivity
peace only with justice
self actualisation the only weapon alongside unravelling ideas of normal rhythmns that move beyond any idea of time connectivity
humane retribution

pass these words on from australia from exekreye

peace and love and solidarity and respect

Seth Brimstone Schere May 5 at 10:58am
Peace and Much Love.

There is nothing I hate about Hip Hop. But there are things about the culture that can be discouraging.

Some of the "so-called" leaders can be very mis-leading! There hidden agendas do not stand for PEACE, UNITY, LOVE and SAFELY HAVING FUN!

They make empty promises and seek out the mighty dollar. There is nothing wrong about getting paid for your talent. However, state that from the jump! Don't say you do it for the love of Hip Hop, then send an Invoice. State your price, do it for the love and represent this culture.

If you are a leader, lead in righteousness.

Furthermore, Pioneer (or not), we need to raise up the next generation. True enough that we need to teach them Hip Hop's OURSTORY. But to go further than that...We need to teach the youth to create their OWN STORY! Let them learn the foundation and build upon it in a righteous manner.


Then we asked our friends to respond to this:
My Favorite Hip Hop Music

Calico Dmv May 3 at 11:23am
Here are 15 of the greatest in my opinion:

Das Efx: They Want Efx
Gangstarr: Mass Appeal
Kool G Rap: I'll Street Blues
Wu-Tang: Mystery Of Chessboxin
Ice Cube: Who Got The Camera
Hitsquad/EPMD: Headbangers
Lords Of The Underground: Chief Rocka
Leaders Of The New School: Scenario
Ras Kass: Soul On Ice
Boogie Monsters: Threshold Of Negative Stress
Dead Presidents: Hip Hop
Tech9ne: Imma Tell
Mystikal: Yall Ain't Ready Yet
MC Ren: Final Frontier
Geto Boys: Minds Playin Tricks On Me


MedjhutyRa AtoBakari HubertChase April 30 at 10:18pm
favorite joints
All Rakim, including the new album. Definitely get at least a cut from each of the first four with Eric B.

ALL Brand Nubian with Grand Puba

All Nas- don't even matter what you pick but DEFINITELY PLAY
song #8 and 9 From the Untitled album. Throw in second childhood from stillmatic, I gave you power from "It was written"

Any Boot Camp Clique, especially any Black Moon of Smif-n-Wessun, Nocturnal from Heltah Skeltah, and The Storm from OGC

Any Gang Starr- nuff said And for some real goon music, any MOP- especially from the first 4 albums

Andy Tagtmeyer April 29 at 6:10pm
Tupac - Keep your head up alot of others
Nas - 3 or 4 songs from illmatic 1 or 2 songs from the other albums. A lot of others I cant think of them all right now