Hip Hop Lives Art Gallery
Preserving Hip Hop Kulture for Future Generations
For these reasons, (HHLPP) will call on all concerned members of the Hip Hop community to lend support thru donations of expertise, finances, and time to sustain this effort. In this sense, membership to the Hip Hop Lives Preservation Society will be an integral part of fundraising.


Templist ($15/month) – For those who wish to expand their knowledge about Hiphop consciousness, Hip Hop Kulture and the esoteric understanding of the Gospel of Hip Hop a Templist membership is available. With this access, a patron will be able to learn from private on-line serminars on Hip Hop knowledge from experienced members of the Temple of Hip Hop and guest pioneers of the culture.

True Hiphoppa ($25/month) – For those who wish to support (HHLPP) and receive members-only products and discount access to on-site public exhibitions, a premium membership is available. Merchandise including T-shirts, collectible reproductions, exclusive music and lectures will be available gratis or at a special discount.

Patron Level

Affiliate – up to $25
Silver (+) – up to $100
Gold (+) – up to $500
Platinum (+) – up to $2000
Diamond (+) – up to $10,000
Gallery Sponsorship

Patrons can support the installation of a particular artist/subject for coverage in the archive. Eligibility will be determined by the Temple of Hip Hop Leadership Council under authorization of the HHL Advisory Board. To sponsor click Underwriter in the patron level dropdown menu and specify artist or subject to be featured.
Physical Donations

Donations of physical material for public display such as CDs, notebooks, flyers clothing, photographs, videos, production equipment, magazines etc.
can be mailed to:

Hip Hop Lives Archives
c/o Target Media Group
P.O. Box 5582
Plainfield, NJ 07060

These collections can be dedicated by name to the archive and will be featured as a separate gallery with complete details of the donor.
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