Hip Hop Lives Art Gallery
Preserving Hip Hop Kulture for Future Generations
Hip Hop Lives Preservation Project


The Hip Hop Lives Preservation Project is a conceptual movement started by members of KRS ONE’s Temple of Hip Hop known as the Leadership Council. Its purpose is to teach humanity the fundamentals, philosophies, elements, and expressions of Hip Hop Kulture for its own advancement and that of all peoples throughout the world. To fulfill this mission our goal is to use a multi-pronged approach that includes at least three branches. They are;
1.A digital archive accessible on-line, like a virtual museum.
2.A physical gallery of Hip Hop cultural exhibits, memorabilia and collectibles.
3.A Hip Hop Think Tank that conducts research and consults on educational curriculum.


We envision the development of this collective through maintenance of our core ideals and overall mission. Our intention and goal is;

To provide a forum which exposes humanity to the nine (9) elements of Hip Hop Kulture which include (1) Breakin (2) Emceein (3) Graffiti Art (4) Deejayin (5) Beat Boxin (6) Fashion (7) Language (8) Knowledge (9) Entrepreneurialism- in a way that challenges the public's current perceptions of these Hip Hop Elements.

To teach Hip Hop Studies beyond music and entertainment, to academia on both the elementary and collegiate levels.

To expose humanity to other expressions of Hip Hop Kulture like spirituality, community activism, politics, responsibility, and community accountability through the concept of a M.A.S.S movement.

To utilize the sacred and divine history that the Hip Hop pioneers have laid down, as a foundational guide for the present and future State of Hip Hop.

To teach the H-LAW (Health, Love, Awareness and Wealth) to Hiphoppas and all of humanity.

To teach the principles of the international Hip Hop Declaration of Peace.

To teach the Gospel of Hip Hop as a life guide for Hiphoppas and all those who are interested in living and teaching about the Hip Hop style of life.

To promote a Hip Hop United Front joining with all organizations and individuals who foresee a positive and productive Hip Hop Nation.

To re-educate Hiphoppas regarding the violent and overly sexual images of Rap music culture by utilizing culturally sound multi-media ( audio, visual, digital, technological, electronic, and print media) documentation.

To restore the social awareness that Hip Hop is a Nation that will not tolerate disrespect nor misrepresentation from anyone, inside or outside of its Nation.

To have an annual STATE OF HIPHOP conference that would discuss and explore the impact that Hip Hop has had in various facets of human interaction around the world.

To acknowledge and celebrate every November as Hip Hop History Month, nationally and internationally.

To acknowledge and celebrate every third week in May as Hip Hop Appreciation Week, nationally and internationally.
To complete our goals (HHLPP) will acquire both physical and digital storage units to house/display archived material.

Digital Archive
The digital archive will be a computerized library of music, photographs, articles, and videos featuring past and present figures or relevant topics to the culture.

Physical Archive
The physical archive, while duplicating the digital archive where possible, will also contain artifacts such as memorabilia like clothing, notebooks, flyers, graffiti pieces, vinyl records, CDs, turntables, posters etc.

Digital storage will be in the form of multiple high capacity external drives with a duplicated memory cache that is routinely updated. Initially, physical storage will consist of public storage units of varying capacities with a transfer to private facilities which have better climate control and longevity. The on-location display may be part of a traveling exhibit or housed at a more permanent location such as a private gallery. Other sections of the permanent physical location may include;

An educational center for Hip Hop consciousness

A lecture space for topical discussions

A gallery; open for public viewing by formal classes

A production studio for training, in-house presentations and public use

A meeting hall for members of the TOHH, Zulu Nation, Hip Hop Congress, Hip Hop Federation and all other nationally recognized Hip Hop organizations.
Hiphoppas who commit to the teachings of the Temple of Hiphop join a community of like-minded people who practice Hip Hop beyond entertainment. Temple Members help one another through the obstacles of life. We protect one another. We advise one another. We respect one another. We love one another. We support one another. Such is our strength. And it will take this strength to develop and sustain our nation.

Our ministry/society is not a fan club, nor a recording or fashion corporation. The Temple of Hiphop is not even a physical place, it is an international Hip Hop preservation Ministry, Archive, School and Society (M.A.S.S.).

As a ministry, we promote the divinity of Hip Hop and its culture. We seek to relieve human suffering through an awareness of useful spiritual knowledge. We are a selfrealization ministry. We believe that GOD speaks through one’s true purpose in life.

As an archive, we seek to collect, document and promote Hip Hop’s spiritual and material experiences in the World. Our aim is to continue developing our traveling Hip Hop exhibits and official Hip Hop museum/archive for the remembrance and study of Hip Hop’s history, art and culture. We intend to edutain the public as to Hip Hop’s spiritual first causes and material effects beyond music entertainment.

As a school, we seek to teach Hiphop, Hip Hop and hip-hop to all interested apprentices/students. We believe that a good education does not prepare you for the job market exclusively. We believe that a good education helps you to realize and perfect your true life purpose. Such an education helps YOU to become a better YOU.

Finally, as a Hiphop society we seek to preserve Hip Hop’s original causes. Whether it is with skill, influence, knowledge, art and/or money, as a society our existence and activity insure Hip Hop’s proper documentation in World history. Temple Members silently help one another through the challenges of life. Without advertising the fact that we are Temple Members, our aim is to silently relieve human suffering whenever and wherever possible. Temple Members are those Hiphoppas who share a basic thirst for Truth and an unshakable love for Hip Hop.

Like our society, our nation is not is not a physical place. Yes, we shall establish a physical landmass for our nation, but in reality our nation is an attitude, a behavior, a collective consciousness that transcends race, religion, nationality and economic class. The borders of our nation are psychological; we limit ourselves to the title of Hip Hop or Hiphop so that we may recognize each other by name and nature.

We are not of that hired circle; we are of that Higher Circle. We are not fee women and men; we are free women and men. Even when we have jobs to do or employment to hold on to, we are still not trapped in the environment of corporate busy-ness (business) where one goes along with injustice and continues corporate exploitation with the statement I’m just doing my job! We remain free and selfdirected! We are Hip Hop! We help people wherever and whenever we can.