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Not only is Beat Boxin a form of communication; it is Hip Hop’s actual language. Beat Boxin is also found at the genesis of human awareness. In fact, imitating the sounds of Nature (or one’s natural environment) to communicate ideas and feelings is at the very beginning of human awareness, knowledge and survival.

Ⅳ Popularized by: Doug E. Fresh, Biz Markie, the Fat Boyz, (the original) DMX, Greg Nice, Bobby McFerrin, Emanon, Click Tha Supah Latin, K Love, Rahzel, and others.
Gospel of Hip Hop, 2nd Overstanding - The Refinitions R14 pg 120
BEAT BOXIN: (The study and application of body music and body language.) Commonly refers to the act of creating rhythmic sounds and language with various parts of the body; particularly the throat, mouth and hands. Its practitioners are known as Human Beat Boxes or Human Orchestras.

Ⅰ Beat Boxin is about seeing and using the body
as an instrument. Earlier versions of this expression
included Hand bone or Hambone. However, modern Beat Boxin originates from the act of imitating early electronic drum machines.

Ⅱ The early electronic drum machines were some
of the original beat boxes; and to skillfully imitate them was called Beat Boxin. However, ancient Beat Boxin was the ability to imitate the sounds of Nature with one’s own body parts.
Gospel of Hip Hop, 2nd Overstanding - The Refinitions R14 pg 119-120